With or Without Paris Accord, It's Up to Each of Us to Resist Climate Change

Trump's move to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement was perhaps not surprisingly, but certainly disappointing for many. The "America First" rhetoric used in defending this decision selfishly ignores the fact that we share one atmosphere and one interconnected water system with the entire world. "I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris," stated Trump in his announcement of the withdrawal-- to which the mayor of Pittsburgh quickly responded by promising to participate in the Paris accord anyway, along with the mayors of over 180 other U.S. cities.  
With or Without Paris Accord, It's Up to Each of Us to Resist Climate ChangeClimate change is a real threat to the environment and public health. The Paris accord is an incredible act of international cooperation for a better future, aimed particularly at reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, including manufacturing and energy sectors, with special attention toward alternatives to fossil fuels. It was originally signed by 195 countries. While the U.S. is no longer officially participating in this resistance at the federal level, over 50 million people are represented by the cities that have signed onto the "Climate Mayors" agreement. Additionally, several First Nations have begun a coalition similar to the Climate Mayors, further increasing the influence of this peaceful resistance movement.
As an individual, It is difficult to participate in carbon markets and long-term energy planning on a global scale, but there is plenty of ways to fight climate change and work for climate justice at home. Consider how you might reduce your household's carbon footprint by seeking alternative energies, walking or biking as able, or reducing meat consumption and household waste. Join PPF in divesting your finances from the fossil fuel industry, sending a signal that you are dissatisfied with the status quo and do not want to profit from the destruction of the planet. A quick internet search will yield countless ways to lessen your personal impact on the environment-- how will you resist climate change?