Please Help Save The Palestinian Village of Susiya

The world is watching as the Israeli army to making final preparations to demolish the entire village of Susiya and expel its residents, numbering around 340 men, women and children.  

I do not understand how a people who have suffered such injustice can inflict such injustice.   Bit by bit, Israel is destroying its own soul.  If power allows Israel to do this, then power will allow a country in the future to do this to Israel.  Justice is the only durable answer for Israel and Palestine.
Israel is in direct violation of the the core principles of peacemaking which are:
  • Encourage the positive characteristics of our humanity and resist the negative characteristics of our humanity in yourself and others.
  • Establish (or re-establish) and strengthen mutually affirming and sustainable relationships - relationships of mutual empathy, compassion, respect, forgiveness, understanding, and reconciliation with all people without regard to their prior actions.
  • Invest in achieving just, inclusive, pluralistic, secure, and tolerant civil, political, religious, cultural, and economic society for all people.
  • Invest in physical, emotional, economic, and food and water security for all people but especially the sufferers of injustice, intolerance, violence or oppression.
  • Leverage the power of confession and forgiveness.
  • Respond to provocations by acting positively and non-violently, and by refusing to be enemies.

You can help. 

My friend, Sahar Vardi, in Jerusalem is one of leaders trying to stop the demolition.

Contact your representatives in Washington and urge them to support the people of Susiya.  Contact the Israel government through their embassy in Washington at and urge Israel not to demolish Susiya.


If you can organise a vigil protest in front of an Israeli embassy or consulate in your city, please contact Sahar at

Here is a suggested email to the Israeli embassy.


Dear Honorable Mr. Ron Dermer, Ambassador of Israel

I am writing to you concerning the imminent demolition of homes in the Palestinian village of Susiya. Around 340 men, women and children who live on this land are facing this threat just as their holy month of Ramadan comes to an end. Not only do the villagers of Susiya hold undisputed title to their land, the Israeli High Court is meant to hear their petition (filed by Rabbis for Human Rights) on August 3rd. To destroy their homes before this appeal is considered not only sets a dangerous precedent, but is an affront to the justice and fairness that are meant to be the very foundations of law and order. 

The village submitted a master plan to the Civil Administration in an attempt to follow the established process in order to participate in the planning of their own community and were denied this right. To then destroy the very structures currently sustaining them and providing them the most basic of needs—shelter, communal space, a place within which to eat and sleep and live—is unjust, unfair and simply cruel. 

As a concerned citizen of the world, I am shocked and dismayed that Israel continues to enforce such discriminatory policies. I am asking that you take a moment to consider the repercussions of this destruction, and act to stop it before it’s too late. I ask you to recognize Susiya’s democratic and human right to plan their future and remain standing on the land they own.

I look forward to your reply. 

Yours truly,


Thank you for supporting justice in Palestine.

Art Hunt