Come and Accompany

Msr. Romero’s name among the other many victims’ names commemorated on a remembrance wall for all those who lost their lives in the Salvadoran conflict.
















Advent as Resistance Liturgy and Reflection

Liturgy, reflection, and resources from November 28th's Advent as Resistance webinar with Jessie Light-Wells, Zach Light-Wells, Elizabeth Welliver, and Timothy Wotring.

What Will It Take for Change?

How many more deaths?  How many people must be killed in senseless acts of violence before our government takes action?  How many must more candlelight vigils be held?

How much more “Breaking News” incidents must be endured?  When will the United States awake from the seemingly endless situation of terror, hatred, death, and endless declarations of thoughts and prayers without action?

Honoring Veterans

This post is written by Bill Galvin, a long-time PPF Activist Council member and staff at The Center on Conscience & War in Washington, D.C.

Call to People of Faith to Stand Against White Supremacy in Tennessee

We invite you to join us in putting your bodies on the line to proclaim that God rejects white supremacy. Stand with us on the weekend of Oct. 27-28 in Tennessee to confront white supremacy with interfaith prayer and song. This is a call for partnership in direct, nonviolent action on a crucial day for our state and in a critical moment for our country. We need your prayerful presence.