Totally Not Qualified and Learning...

Over the past 2 and half months now I’ve been working at Green Opportunities. It’s a place that does job training classes for adults and also offers a job club for people to get help working on resumes and cover letters and finding jobs. I’m working as a case manger for 25 and up. Talk about feeling totally not qualified for something and terrified. But that’s YAV year right y’all?

What Do You Do at Mercy Junction?

What do you do at Mercy Junction? What is it? Are you a church or what?
I get that question a lot.
I have an elevator speech.

Pain and Love on the Basketball Court

There are lots of basketball games that happen on my backyard Tuesday/Thursday court. Many get quite animated, with a group of mostly brown boys ranging from 10-16 teaming up for 3 on 3 on our 25’ square pad with a nice big Plexiglas backboard. Occasionally there’ll be some strife, but surprisingly little, and even fewer real injuries occur.