Bread as the body of Christ

I’ve been pouring a lot of my free time into my application for Louisville Seminary’s Marriage and Family Therapy program! I’m really hoping that will be my next step once my time as a YAV is over so prayers would be appreciated. Now about 12 Baskets - [my worksite for my 2016-2017 year with Hands and Feet of Asheville.]

How Shall We Love After November 8, 2016?

Like many of you, I have oscillated this last week between disbelief, deep sadness and disappointment, anger, and fear. We do not know what the next months and years will hold for our country, but we do know that we will continue to be called to resist tyranny, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, and Islamaphobia. And we will be there.

PPF Peace Community witnesses peace efforts in Colombia and beyond

The seasons seem to bring different rhythms to the Cana Community. While the fall and winter find us hunkering down in this snow belt, the warmer months bring new experiences. Cana Community members venture from South Bend to lands near and far to join others in work for peace and justice.

Loving My Neighbor Is Hard Today

I am from Trump country. I grew up in Trump country, went away to college, moved abroad, then moved back to Trump country. Most of my neighbors and co-workers voted for Trump.

Meeting the Mexico/US Border for the First Time

The School of the Americas Protest has become my activist family reunion. For the last five years, I’ve marched with many of the same people from organizations I trust and love. This year we converged on the Mexico/US border in Nogales.