A Prayer for This Week: For an End to Terror

Holy One,

In a week when praying feels like the only thing we can do, words are hard to find. Yet somehow we pray, with words, with tears, with sighs too deep for words.

We pray for all people and places that have experienced the terror of violence this week as the aftershocks of fear and grief reverberate through bodies and buildings:

          For the 43 people in Beirut and the 129 in Paris who were killed by Daesh;

"Do It!"

It was my wife Lorie’s and my privilege to accompany Kayla Mueller’s parents, Marsha and Carl Mueller, to Northern Arizona University October 23-24, Homecoming weekend.  The purpose for our campus visit was to gather with approximately 60 kindred souls at the Christian Campus Ministry Center Friday evening, and another like number of people at the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) Saturday afternoon to celebrate the life of alumna Kayla Jean Mueller, ’09.

Let There Be Peace on Earth, and Let It Begin with Me

Just at the close, one of our company, a grizzled old, wheel-chair-bound vet., native of Poland, asked for the microphone. He wanted to sing to us. And while his voice may well have been a fine one some years ago, of late it had deteriorated into a bleak, stentorian bellow. Nevertheless he could not be denied and, as it turned out, his selection could not have been more fitting. “Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me…” And as he blasted forth those well-known words there was hardly a dry eye in the place.

He reminded us just what it had all been for. He sang of the pity, the tragedy, the futility, and yes the nobility of it all. He recalled us to the cause so many had died for, that we all had served for, that had yet to be achieved, we hoped, by different, far less self-defeating means. His grand old words of peace, no matter how discordant, spoke more eloquently than all the flags and ribbons, the medals and mementos, and recalled us to ourselves, our better, truer selves.

A Month of Creation Justice

The weather is finally beginning to feel fall-like here in New York, a not-so-subtle reminder of the reality of climate change in our world as we prepare to mark the three-year anniversary of Sandy in just ten days. This has also been a theme over the past month in my work with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

Mercy Junction Calls for Clemency for Kelly Gisendaner

Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center is asking that YOU call the Georgia Parole and Pardons Board TODAY and ask that they STOP the state-sanctioned murder of Kelly Gisendaner.

PLEASE CALL: Georgia Parole and Pardons, (404) 656-4661 OR EMAIL: