Bree Newsome, A Flag, and Faith

On Saturday, June 27, Bree Newsome recited Psalm 23 as she was being arrested for removing a symbol of war, injustice, and fear from a place of honor on state government grounds. An act of civil disobedience. An act of peace. I have read Psalm 23 countless times. Bree lives it better than I ever have.

A poem for peacemakers of privilege (and I count myself among them)

We have chained our racist demons
With the chains that held our slaves
But our demons are still our demons
And our slaves are not yet free...

Peacemaking and peacemakers

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about peacemaking and peacemakers.   For me, it comes down to three pretty simple concepts.  All lives matter equally – the victim and the perpetrator, the peacemaker and the warmonger – all lives matter equally.   Human rights are human rights for all – rich and poor, friend and antagonist - human rights are human rights for all.  Peacemakers refuse to be enemies even with those who call peacemakers their enemies.

This is what community looks like.

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan, and the plan was for our community to gather for an Iftar - the meal at sunset with which Muslims who have been fasting break their fast. Instead we gathered around a small table with nine candles that were lit as we read the names of each of those killed on Wednesday night at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston, SC.

Responses to "The Challenge of the Islamic State and A Response Founded on Christ's Call to the Work of Peace"

Our document The Challenge of the Islamic State and A Response Founded on Christ’s Call to the Work of Peace has sparked a healthy discussion on the issues surrounding this topic. In an effort to bring the conversation to one place instead of individual inboxes, we publish this blog post with the purpose of the comments section serving as the online discussion forum.