Whipping Wall Street

Rev. Aric Clark looks at the story of Jesus cleansing the Temple courtyard of the money-changers and considers how it relates to contemporary protest movements.

Former inmates say fight to save Gissendaner is only the beginning

"As we stand on the precipice of participating as a society in another state killing of a human, I pause to think of the tragedy that extinguishing Kelly’s life perpetuates. In vengeance and punishment there is no real resolution for the living, only the uneasy perpetuation of violence. Resolution is for fiction and not true to the reality of human existence. The truth in the reality of human existence is our only resolution is death and hastening the death of another that we have judged does nothing but add a new complexity to life’s tragic scales.

Presbyterians and Pacifism

The Presbyterian church has a long engagement with issues of war and peace. Many Presbyterians have been powerful spokespersons for an understanding of their faith that committed them to a complete rejection of war and military force as a way of resolving conflicts.

Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center opens

Something new started in Chattanooga on Jan. 1, and the goal of that something new is simple.

The goal is to change the world.

The Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center at St. Andrews is devoted to supporting and building a movement of equality for all people and freedom for all of creation. At the center, the aim is to create a microcosm of the world as it should be while advancing social justice in the city and across the South.

Mercy Junction is a three-year-old worshiping community, founded by the Rev. Brian JPC StaffMerritt and the Presbytery of East Tennessee. The primary mission of the center is to provide infrastructure and support to those organizations and individuals who are actively engaged in social justice struggles, and to educate and empower both people of faith and secular organizations who are looking for meaningful ways to engage in the work of creating a more just world.

Celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr: A Sermon

Rev. Roger Scott Powers shares his sermon on racial inequity in today's United States.