Mercy Junction publishes October issue of Holy Heretic

Our LadyMercy Junction's October issue of Holy Heretic zine has just been mailed and the electronic version of the 40-page "radical devotional" posted online. The first issue of the zine was published in July.

Today's the Day!

So excited to join PPF and peace communties in fueling our imaginations tao live and share the way of peace that is the other way the other truth, the other life!!  So grateful to PPF for this opportunity!


Chewing on the Cross

I wear a rosary around my wrist. It was given to me by a woman named Raven.  She is an incredibly talented singer and a most generous person.  She  has also experienced homelessness and struggled with mental illness.  I have known her for years.  Her gift to me is one of my favorite things.  It reminds me that in the center of our faith is a victim of the powers.  And also the one with the power to overcome hate, fear, greed, and death with the power of love.

Top Ten Reasons to Receive the Peacemaking Offering in Your Church

Presbyterian trivia, David Letterman's mother worked as a secretary in a Presbyterian Church so his "Top Ten" surely has Presbyterian roots.   

Top Ten Reasons to Receive the Peacemaking Offering in Your Church

From Ferguson: What I Heard

Mercy Junction founder/evangelist, the Rev. Brian Merritt, arrived in Ferguson, Mo., on Aug. 21, at the height of protesters being met with a violent police response following the police shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. This was Brian’s third update after arriving.