The Cross Confronts Islamophobia

I have become convinced that much of the work that we, as Christians, as peace seekers, and as the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, have to do around all issues related to the Middle East and to Gun Violence in our own country is in countering Islamophobia.

Graduation of Underground Seminary's First Cohort

On July 23rd Underground Seminary celebrated the graduation of its first cohort of students. We were surrounded by family and friends and the well wishes of many from around the country. We thank God for a wonderful two years together learning, growing, and transforming. Our Presbyterian Peace Fellowship family has supported Underground Seminary all along the way and we are grateful to share this joy with you.

"We are ready to protect our homeland"

May 28, 2016 

Waking up Saturday morning to the birds chirping in the mountains of the village of Gullan was such a powerful reminder of the beauty found in this region’s land and people. Kaka Latif and his family so generously offered us their home for the night and provided us with incredible meals and hospitality.

Finding Community in the Fight for $15

We weren’t looking to start a church.

For just over a year, a group of activists, volunteers, and organizers have been marching, protesting, picketing, and advocating alongside a group of fast food workers in the Capital District of New York.

Psalm 120 Remixed

I re-wrote Psalm 120 originally for a School of the Americas worship service at Union Theological Seminary. I find it still to be relevant, especially during this election season.

Psalm 120

In anger and despair I cry out to God,
that the Almighty might answer me,