"This is My Church": A reflection and summary of the PPF Activist Council Fall Meeting

“This is my church,” wrote one person at the end of the PPF Activist Council Fall Meeting at Stony Point Center this past weekend where close to 50 Peace-seekers gathered. Another person posted on Facebook: “These are my people, yes they are."


New Year, New Faces!

New (program) Year, New Faces!

Hands and Feet's 2016-2017 program year is starting strong with five new volunteers! They have gone through orientation, settled into the house, started working with their community partners…and we can't wait to introduce you!


Remembering the Dead In The Continuing Wars in Iraq and Afganistan

This is the reflection we lead at the New Haven, Connecticut War Memorial.  At the end of the reflection a stone is place on a memorial cairn with the number of the dead in the Iraq and Afgan warsm for the previous month.

We are here this evening to remember, to morn and to seek forgiveness for the wars undertaken in our name.  We are here to reinforce our resolve as we continue the hard work of building peace.

From Iraq: wars and casualties, 14 years on

By Lily Hamourtziadou – March 16, 2016 (Iraq Body Count)

The Cross Confronts Islamophobia

I have become convinced that much of the work that we, as Christians, as peace seekers, and as the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, have to do around all issues related to the Middle East and to Gun Violence in our own country is in countering Islamophobia.

Graduation of Underground Seminary's First Cohort

On July 23rd Underground Seminary celebrated the graduation of its first cohort of students. We were surrounded by family and friends and the well wishes of many from around the country. We thank God for a wonderful two years together learning, growing, and transforming. Our Presbyterian Peace Fellowship family has supported Underground Seminary all along the way and we are grateful to share this joy with you.