Pain and Love on the Basketball Court

There are lots of basketball games that happen on my backyard Tuesday/Thursday court. Many get quite animated, with a group of mostly brown boys ranging from 10-16 teaming up for 3 on 3 on our 25’ square pad with a nice big Plexiglas backboard. Occasionally there’ll be some strife, but surprisingly little, and even fewer real injuries occur.

Keeping Faith While Living Amidst Contrasts

The past few weeks have been an exercise in contrasts for Cana Community, as I’m sure they have been for you. At the end of October, our neighborhood celebrated “Arts Café,” an annual event that features artists, music, food, and hayrides. We also celebrated The Local Cup (TLC), a coffee house that was started and is run by local volunteers. Then came November and the shock of the election.

Their water is our water.

Written by Colleen Earp, former PPF General Assembly intern currently serving the Presbytery of the James as an environmental educator at Camp Hanover and attending Union Presbyterian Seminary.

Correcting our Mistakes

Written by Bob Ross

We spent much of our first full day at Standing Rock fixing problems that we created. We locked our keys in our car as soon as we arrived. That was embarrassing. There was stuff in the car that we needed. And, well, we need to get home at some point.