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Dispatch From the Executive Committee

The executive committee of PPF meets by conference call on a monthly basis. This past month a major topic of conversation was finding ways to improve communication and transparency throughout the organization.

God Isn't Fixing This

As one of the co-authors of the book Never Pray Again, I am of the opinion that piety without concrete striving for justice is worse than doing nothing at all. So if, like me, you're ready to do something about gun violence instead of offering up "thoughts and prayers", here are some things you might try.

The Doctrine of Discovery

If you are reading this right now and you have no idea what the Doctrine of Discovery is, it’s okay. It is
not a term that comes up in conversation very often. History teachers don’t devote lesson plans to it.
Pastors don’t craft sermons about it. And theologians give very little thought to it...

The Terrible Shepherd

Rev. Aric Clark sings a Billy Joel song and connects it to the nonviolent way of Jesus.