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Remembering the Dead In The Continuing Wars in Iraq and Afganistan

This is the reflection we lead at the New Haven, Connecticut War Memorial.  At the end of the reflection a stone is place on a memorial cairn with the number of the dead in the Iraq and Afgan warsm for the previous month.

We are here this evening to remember, to morn and to seek forgiveness for the wars undertaken in our name.  We are here to reinforce our resolve as we continue the hard work of building peace.

From Iraq: wars and casualties, 14 years on

By Lily Hamourtziadou – March 16, 2016 (Iraq Body Count)

Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Activist

As you celebrate the life of Martin Luther King, I suggest you read (or reread) his 1967 speech “Beyond Vietnam” or listen on YouTube below.

The man was a Prophet who was not afraid to speak the truth to power then and his words continue to speak the truth to us today.

The Foothills Presbytery Social Justice Overtures

Benjamin Perry has written a thoughtful response to the Foothills Presbytery Social Justice Overtures. He urges the rejection of the overtures.  In his words, "The proposed overtures are non-biblical, antithetical to Presbyterian tradition, and would strip the General Assembly (GA) of its ability to respond to God’s call."

The full response on Justice Unbound is worth a read.  

Please Help Save The Palestinian Village of Susiya

The world is watching as the Israeli army to making final preparations to demolish the entire village of Susiya and expel its residents, numbering around 340 men, women and children.  

A poem for peacemakers of privilege (and I count myself among them)

We have chained our racist demons
With the chains that held our slaves
But our demons are still our demons
And our slaves are not yet free...