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A Lesson in Humility and Interfaith Understanding

A Syrian Catholic priest teaches us what it means to carry the cross of Jesus into the world. He also emphasizes that ISIS is not the problem; oil and weapons are.

Hospitality amidst Hardship: One Human Family

We've now spent over a week in Iraqi Kurdistan, visiting a variety of people and places.  A common thread runs through all these meetings: hospitality.  As we focus on our peacemaking mission, we are constantly reminded that we are one human family.   Weve received such warm welcomes everywhere.   The people we've met have shared their homes, their hearts, and their tables.  We've drunk their tea, eaten their magnificent repasts, and most importantly, have listened to their stories.

Kurdish Petroleum: Blessing and Curse

On May 21, we  headed out of Sulaymani to learn how the oil industry has affected people at the local level.  We stopped in Chamchamel en route.  This city was formed after the 1988 "anfal" in which 180,000 Kurds were deported and killed by the Iraqi Government.  Some 4000 villages were destroyed.  Some villagers ended up in what today is Chamchamel.  We were about to visit the village of Cormor, now repopulated after the "anfal."