Colombia Accompaniment Report

Colombia Accompaniment Report: It's Complicated

By Ann Rosewall and Ruth Hamilton

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Pensamientos en Colombia #1

When Latin American people speak there is an immediacy and directness to their words that feels different than in the US. As if we have been trained to talk in a way that covers some things up (the effect of nicer sheets and pillows?). Driving through the crowded and, yes, dirty streets, past homes and sidewalks that don’t seem to have been finished, you get the sense of seeing a world naked, in its original state, direct, without any fluff or pretense.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: The Morning After

We thought people would ask us to explain the vote for Trump, but no. They hugged us, expressed solidarity, and shared concerns about what this might mean for Colombia's peace process. Like many, we were reeling on the morning of November 9, 2016. We were grateful for the hugs and happy to listen rather than talk. Here are some comments and concerns we heard/read in the first post-election days (as translated/paraphrased by us).

Colombia Accompaniment Report: The True Value of Land

The families we visited at Maria Jacinta, in the countryside near San Juan de Tocagua, have all been displaced at least twice.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Isolated -- or Not?

During the weekend that accompaniers Janet Lowery and Tricia Lloyd-Sidle spent in La Alemania, there were three assassinations (and two additional attempts) on human rights defenders in Colombia.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Connectional Church in Colombia

There are 6.9 million forcibly displaced people in Colombia. Most of them are from rural areas and now living in urban areas. The government’s attempts to deal with this large displaced population have been woefully inadequate.

Colombia Accompanier Report: A Tale of Two Churches

By Sue Cossey and Jeffrey Todd
August 2016

Our first week in Urabá found us visiting Presbyterian clergy and congregations in Chigorodó, a city of 28,000 about 24 miles south of Apartadó, our home base.  Initially, we were hosted by Rev. Bernardino López and his family.  Rev. López is pastor at the Iglesia Presbiteriana Emanuel.  For two days we visited with congregants in the church and in their homes.  

Colombia Accompanier Report: We Still Live in Fear

The farmers told us that it was a regular day. They had waked up early to work, to do their regular stuff. But just like that, members of the paramilitary killed three men of their community of La Alemania. At the beginning the farmers were confused. However, they did know one thing: they needed to flee. If they stayed, they could be killed next.

Colombia Accompanier Report: How Can I Extend Peace When Everything I Represent is War?

The more time I've spent in countries like Colombia, the more it is clear to me that I arrive under the tent that someone else has built. To understand this analogy, one need only turn to the story and its history.

Colombia Accompanier Report: Imagine...

Who doesn’t know John Lennon’s peace anthem? In Colombia perhaps people can stop listening to the song of his dream of peace because it’s not a dream here anymore. The historic Havana Accords were signed this week and the image was broadcast live across the country followed by an address to the nation by President Juan Manuel Santos.