Colombia Accompaniment Report

Celebramos juntos la paz

Es un sábado memorable: 18 de Octubre del 2014 en Stony Point, Nueva York, Estados Unidos. Fué la gran celebración de Gala por la Paz. Dos personas fueron galardonadas pero con grandes expresiones de acción de gracias a Dios por sus vidas dedicadas a "sembrar en paz para recoger como fruto la justicia": Anne Barstow y Tom Driver.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Simplicity’s Facade

Three equally different flavors with the same base of displacement, and faith. Here ‘extended family’ also includes the faith community, and people take that seriously. Church members are present in each other’s lives, as familial as hermanos y hermanas en Cristo (brothers and sisters in Christ) can be, and we hear the reference often.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Challenged Lives Sustained by Faith

We arrived in Uraba at the beginning of April and spent 5 days in Carepa during the past week. Carepa is a small town a short distance south of the area’s key town of Apartado. We visited the Iglesia Presbiteriana de La Samaritana and stayed at the home of the pastor and his family. This is a congregation that is deeply steeped in its faith.

La Alemania: A Positive Note

In conversations with various groups of people throughout the Finca including the military, we understand that the “bad guys”, who are still in the area, are not presently causing problems. People reported to us that they suffer from the effects of past violence, but that conditions are getting better.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Courage and Faith in the Face Pressure

After Jim and Paul arrived in Barranquilla and had the opportunity to experience the last few days of Carnival, we visited several churches in the city before spending a number of days in a community of displaced persons. This community is under pressure from multi-national corporations who want to develop the land on which they have lived for many years.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: The Legacy of Violence--and New Life--in La Alemania

Received February 24, 2014 from Barranquilla-based February accompaniers Nancy and Ted Collins. Nancy and Ted recently returned to the United States, having finished their term of service on February 28.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: The Church in Northern Colombia

We attended a small rural church our first Sunday in Colombia. While waiting for the service to begin, I noticed a poster made of small squares on which members had written their dreams for the New Year. Love, peace, and kindness were some of the thoughts expressed on this quilt of dreams.

Colombia Accompaniment Report: Finding Hope in Colombia

Nancy and Ted Collins write about the signs of hope they have seen during their accompaniment work in Barranquilla, Colombia with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

Colombian Accompaniment Report: Discernment and Training

Lisa Heilman Lomauro files a report from the October 2013 Accompaniment Training at Stony Point Center. "If you are considering involvement in Colombia, really try to get to this long weekend if you can," writes Lisa. "The richness of the information, the warm supportive encouragement of the facilitators, and the camaraderie formed from time together with like-passioned individuals helps identify within each of us our power to make a difference with our own reservoirs of gifts, skills and talents."

Colombia Accompaniment Report: An Endangered Agrarian Way of Life

A hot topic right now nationwide is the paro de agricultores—or the agricultural workers’ strike. This strike officially began on August 19th. In the two weeks of strike, the government and police forces have shown quite a variety of responses. As I was sitting in on the meeting at the presbytery the other day, we were talking about how the Free Trade Agreement and the strikes are very much related...