Colombia Accompaniment Report

It's All About Land!

Report received June 2, 2013 from Barranquilla-based accompaniers Bill and Liz Branch, now safely back in the U.S.


One morning we visited with Antonio, a leader of the displaced community and someone we had met three years ago during our previous accompaniment time. Antonio says that he has been displaced five times, but German says the count should be at least two times five.


From Nigerian Refugee to Accompanier in Colombia

Report received May 17, 2013 from Bemene Piaro, now an Urabá-based accompanier for the month of June.

I Don’t Understand – No Lo Entiendo

Report received May 16, 2013 from Barranquilla-based accompaniers Bill and Liz Branch.
No lo entiendo. No lo comprendo. Over and over again, we have uttered those words here in Colombia.
Usually we mean that we don’t understand the Spanish. But -- there’s a lot more than Spanish that we don’t understand.