Peace Communities

Bread as the body of Christ

I’ve been pouring a lot of my free time into my application for Louisville Seminary’s Marriage and Family Therapy program! I’m really hoping that will be my next step once my time as a YAV is over so prayers would be appreciated. Now about 12 Baskets - [my worksite for my 2016-2017 year with Hands and Feet of Asheville.]

PPF Peace Community witnesses peace efforts in Colombia and beyond

The seasons seem to bring different rhythms to the Cana Community. While the fall and winter find us hunkering down in this snow belt, the warmer months bring new experiences. Cana Community members venture from South Bend to lands near and far to join others in work for peace and justice.

Activist Council Spring Gathering

Thursday, April 27, 2017 to Saturday, April 29, 2017

Since before the elections, we have been hearing from many of you that you'd like more training in nonviolent direct action (NVDA), so we've partnered with Christian Peacemaker Teams to do just that. Register now!

"This is My Church": A reflection and summary of the PPF Activist Council Fall Meeting

“This is my church,” wrote one person at the end of the PPF Activist Council Fall Meeting at Stony Point Center this past weekend where close to 50 Peace-seekers gathered. Another person posted on Facebook: “These are my people, yes they are."


Finding Community in the Fight for $15

We weren’t looking to start a church.

For just over a year, a group of activists, volunteers, and organizers have been marching, protesting, picketing, and advocating alongside a group of fast food workers in the Capital District of New York.


"If we don't get it, shut it down!" was our rallying cry as hundreds marched toward the McDonald's Headquarters outside Chicago. At the end of May, seven of us from Cherith Brook Catholic Worker hopped on one of 5 charter buses.Cherith Brook $15 & Union

Constant Tending over Time

Praise the people who are able to keep regular schedules to tend the garden in the midst of community and family life; they are truly the ones who help it grow. More broadly, they are what makes community possible for more than just one season. An update from the Alianza Peace Community in Chicago.

What I Learned from a Radical Korean Pastor

South Korea faces a kind of crisis. It is a country with rich spiritual and cultural resources which have carried the people through thousands of years of imperial domination. But these resources could soon be pushed to their limit by aggressive Westernization.

A Lesson in Humility and Interfaith Understanding

A Syrian Catholic priest teaches us what it means to carry the cross of Jesus into the world. He also emphasizes that ISIS is not the problem; oil and weapons are.

PPF Activists Council and Another Day to Make the Wrong Things Right

Throughout our three days, we talked about faith-based organizing, creation justice and how to challenge suffering and oppression in our own communities and around the world. Each day of the gathering was grounded in a sacred time of worship that expressed our desires for justice and peace, and that both healed and inspired.