Peace Communities

Call for Peace Communities for 2016-2017 Grants

We are seeking out diverse intentional peace communities across the country willing to share in its passion for peace and justice. Existing communities, communities soon to form, or communities still being dreamed are welcome to apply. Grant awards are $6,000 and are for one year. Grant year is July 1, 2016 - June 30, 2017. Application deadline is Midnight EDT, April 30, 2016. Communities chosen for this grant cycle will be notified the first of week of June 2016.

Coming Up in 2016: Activist Council, GA, A Delegation, and So Much More!

Happy New Year! What a year 2015 was. It would be easy to reflect on the past year and think it was a year of new and big changes for PPF--and it was, with a transition in staff and volunteer leadership and our change in structure, among many other changes. But even amid these changes, 2015 was also a year of deepening our foundational commitments to peacemaking and nonviolence--work that we will continue in this new year and for many years to come.

Mercy Junction hosting conversation with Arun Gandhi

Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center will host Arun Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, on Sunday evening.

SOA Vigil 2015

For 25 years, the SOA Watch has been a consistent and powerful movement calling for a close of the School of the Americas and an end to the training of Latin American soldiers by the US Army. They organize around a common vision of an end to militarism and empire by focusing specifically on closing the School of the Americas through nonviolence.

Chereth Brook at SOA 2015

And Yet, There is Hope: Reflection on a Visit to the Albany Catholic Worker Community

This morning I sat in the basement of the Emmaus House (the Albany Catholic Worker community), who was a recipient of one of the PPF Peace Communities grants. It was a cold morning, but it was warm inside as we gathered around the Advent wreath with the single candle of hope lit during this first week of Advent. We sang "O Come O Come Emmanuel" and read from Baruch and an Advent reflection by Dorothy Day and prayed for our world and for our communities.

Mercy Junction Calls for Clemency for Kelly Gisendaner

Mercy Junction Justice and Peace Center is asking that YOU call the Georgia Parole and Pardons Board TODAY and ask that they STOP the state-sanctioned murder of Kelly Gisendaner.

PLEASE CALL: Georgia Parole and Pardons, (404) 656-4661 OR EMAIL:

Beloved Community: An Open Door

PPF Co-Director Emily Brewer visits one of the intentional communities PPF supports in North Carolina.

Peacemaking and peacemakers

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about peacemaking and peacemakers.   For me, it comes down to three pretty simple concepts.  All lives matter equally – the victim and the perpetrator, the peacemaker and the warmonger – all lives matter equally.   Human rights are human rights for all – rich and poor, friend and antagonist - human rights are human rights for all.  Peacemakers refuse to be enemies even with those who call peacemakers their enemies.

Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb at Mercy Junction for weekend of 'Justice and Peacemaking: From Gaza to Chattanooga'

Social justice organizations and churches are hosting Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb for a series of events tilted “Justice and Peacemaking: From Gaza to Chattanooga,” May 29 to May 31.

#HolyWeekOfAction ends in silent resolve for uninsured

It is Good Friday.

It is the first day of Passover.

Today, we were silent.

Today we marched in silence.

Today we stood in silence outside our senator’s office.