Holding hands in La Alemania

Standing with our sisters and brothers.

The situation in Colombia is grim. The country has lived through forty years of war. Today there are "armed actors" everywhere one looks: guerrilla forces, paramilitary troops, police and soldiers and a government committed to "controlling the violence" through overwhelming military response. As if those factors aren't complicated enough, oil and cocaine beckon the U.S. government, and our tax dollars are a complicated part of growing violence that destroys so many lives.

The Colombian Presbyterian Church (IPC) has courageously spoken out against the violence that is endemic in Colombia today. For this stand its members have endured arbitrary arrest and death threats. Responding to these attacks against the IPC, the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship stands with our Colombian sisters and brothers. Please consider joining us in this work.


Nonviolent accompaniers serve in Colombia in pairs for a month at a time, living in solidarity with our sisters and brothers in Colombia.


Formerly the "School of Americas," WHINSEC has become a symbol of human rights violations in Latin America.


From time to time our Colombian partners ask us to use our influence with U.S. and Colombian lawmakers in support of human rights in Colombia.

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