Israeli Woman Says Divestment Is Part of Her Jewish Identity

“No one should have their money in this. Espe­cially not a church.”

An inter­view by (Rev.) Patrick David Heery of Elisha Baskin, an Israeli young woman and mem­ber of Jew­ish Voice for Peace, on the topic of divest­ment in the occu­pa­tion of Palestine.

Her name is Elisha Baskin. She is Israeli. She is Jew­ish. And she sup­ports divestment—divestment in com­pa­nies sup­port­ing the occu­pa­tion of Palestine.

Born in west Jerusalem two years before the first Intifada broke out, Elisha has lived what most of us have merely read about. Elisha lived through the Gulf War and the sec­ond Intifada in 2000, when, she says, “Jerusalem was lit­er­ally exploding.”

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