Letter: "Colombia and the U.S. Must Prioritize Protection of Afro-Colombians"

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has joined dozens of other organizations in signing on to a letter from the Washington Office on Latin America calling for the protection of Afro-Colombians

"Our organizations strongly condemn the murders, attacks, and death threats that Colombian illegal armed groups have perpetrated against Afro-Colombian leaders and communities throughout Colombia including the cities of Bogota and Medellin. We urge U.S. and Colombian authorities to protect Afro-Colombian leaders and communities at risk and to investigate and bring the victimizers to justice. Colombia’s National Protection Unit (UNP) must swiftly guarantee the safety of Afro-Colombian leaders and labor activists under threat. The Colombian Vice President’s office should publicly condemn the murder, death threats, and other attacks against Afro-Colombians. The international community should bolster its support for the peace talks between Colombia and the FARC guerillas that will bring an end to Colombia’s internal armed conflict and improved security for Afro-Colombians." ...

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