New Agreement with Iran Offers Great Hope for Good Outcomes

PPF is encouraged by the agreement announced on April 2 between negotiators from Iran and the five permanent members of the UN Security Council plus Germany. The agreement puts in place a framework for resolution of a key dimension of a conflict that has bedeviled relationships across the Middle East. For those of us committed to finding a peaceful resolution to this conflict through diplomacy, this agreement opens a way forward that respects Iran’s right to develop a nuclear industry for peaceful uses, while controlling the threat that it will produce atomic weapons. There are still details to be settled and decades of animosity still to be overcome; but the alternative, many of us have felt, is a path that leads strongly towards military engagement, with great danger of a regional conflagration. 

The coming months will be critical ones. A well-organized opposition seeks to derail the agreement by imposing new sanctions on Iran in an effort to force further restrictions on Iran. This is a major test for those of us committed to non-violent, non-military resolutions of conflicts. Let us do all we can to support this agreement, standing with those who will work to overcome those for whom the only acceptable outcome of an international conflict is through the use of overwhelming force. This may be as good an example as we are likely to find of the hard practice of Restorative Justice at work.