Poem for Darfur by George R. Pasley

My God my God
What have we done?


We have done nothing and
Maybe 400,000
Are dead,
Their voices no longer sing in the fields
Or laugh in the villages
Or pray in hope to you
But their cries of terror
Haunt us now,

And we prod each other,
Saying, “What can we do?”
Wringing our hands
“What can we do?”
Pointing our fingers.

My God my God
What have we done?

A teacher told her children
About the children dying far away
In Africa and they vowed to do something,
They make paper dolls,
One for each person dead and gone,
To tell the world,


But they cannot make the dolls fast enough
To keep up with the killing
Nor swiftly enough
To make the world’s leaders
Do what is right
Nor lovely enough
To give the dead
Life once more.

My God my God
Will you give life again?
And will you have mercy enough
For us?

For we have done nothing…

For other writings of George see his website http://poetspeaks.typepad.com/