Tell PC(USA) It's Time for Action on Boycott

From the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Middle East Committee

Just like the US government, the PC(USA) has supported peace in the Middle East by periodically making statements supporting the peace process, calling for, among other things,

  • cessation of the violence,
  • withholding US aid to Israel till Israeli settlement construction is frozen,
  • ending the occupation of the Palestinian Territories,
  • cessation of the violation of human rights, and
  • limiting the blockade on Gaza.

But talk is cheap, whether it is the US government speaking or the church. 

Finally in 2012 the PC(USA) General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the boycott of all Israeli products coming from the occupied Palestinian Territories, and directing the Stated Clerk to strongly encourage PC(USA) councils and entities to endorse this boycott until significant progress toward Palestinian rights and independence can be reported to the GA.

That was more than two years ago. The Stated Clerk has communicated with synods, presbyteries, and churches, asking for endorsements, but endorsements are slow in coming. 

Like the US government, the church needs to hear from its constituents. That means you. The PC(USA) Office of Public Witness is collecting signatures of individuals, churches and other entities who pledge to support this boycott.

As supporters of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, we should be the first to support this action to move closer to a peaceful solution of the situation in Israel/Palestine. If you have already signed the pledged, thank you. If you have not, we urge you to do so.

Our goal is 1,000 signatures by March 15, 2015.  Please help us reach this goal by signing the pledge.