Update on the Displacement of Tamarindo Farmers

Thank you to everyone who has taken action on our e-alert on the serious situation in Tamarindo. The situation continues to be very fluid and the community remains under threat. We have some indication that there is some movement in some parts of the government in Colombia on this, for which we are grateful.  But the threat to the community remains high. It is essential during this time that we remain at a high vigilance for our sisters and brothers in Tamarindo, ready to take increasing levels of advocacy on their behalf.  

To that end, we are asking for additional signatures to our petition to support the Tamarindo community. These signatures are being used by PPF and IPC leadership as a sign to the Colombian government of the high level of interest to the cause of the Tamarindo community.  

For more information, Amnesty International has created this background paper. The situation in Tamarindo is a sign of the failure of the Labor Action plan that accompanied the US/Colombia Free Trade Agreement, a failure that PPF and our partners anticipated. It is troubling to us to see the human, environmental and community breakdown that are a direct result of supposed "Free Trade" Agreements. We must redouble our efforts to resist these agreements due to the harm, impunity and lack of basic human dignity that result from their implementation.

Please continue to hold the community of Tamarindo and those who accompany them in your prayers and please continue to invite others to sign our petition of support for this community.