PPF is Hiring -- Colombia Accompaniment Coordinator

$1,575 per month, contract employee

Please email a letter of interest and a resume by July 30, 2013 to jobs@presbypeacefellowship.org

This is a half-time staff position with the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship. The Colombia Accompaniment Coordinator is responsible for the smooth functioning of the Colombia Accompaniment Program, a joint mission/peacemaking effort of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship (PPF) with the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia (IPC). The Colombia Accompaniment Coordinator is expected to be fully bi-lingual (Spanish-English), self-motivated, collegial, supportive of the volunteers with whom s/he works, and willing to ask for help from PPF’s Executive Director and Colombia Program Director (a volunteer position filled by an elected member of the PPF National Committee) when it is needed.

The Colombia Accompaniment Coordinator works from home or wherever convenient. The position responsibilities require approximately twenty hours of work in an average week (primarily by email and phone), plus dedicated time to travel for various events throughout the year. PPF provides a travel budget to cover those costs. The position allows for up to four weeks vacation with pay per year, accruable one week for each three months of service completed. This contract assumes an intention to fulfill a minimum of 16 months with PPF (September 2013-December 2014), by which point the position will be reviewed by appropriate representatives of the PPF National Committee alongside representatives of the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia at the 10-year anniversary evaluation of our program in November 2014 in Colombia.  The Colombia Accompaniment Coordinator may be if the way is clear, a candidate for a position that may or may not emerge our of the November 2014 program evaluation.  Either party can terminate this contract with one month’s notice.


Essential tasks:

1. Recruit, train, aid in discernment, deploy and provide pastoral support to volunteers who will serve as accompaniers in Colombia

  • recruitment includes supporting potential accompaniers to move them from initial interest, completed paperwork for the PC(USA), orientation, and discernment of readiness to serve
  • includes coordinating two, five-day events for training and discernment each year


2.  Maintain collegial working relationships with colleagues in the PC(USA) and the three Presbyteries of the IPC

  • develop the strongest possible rapport with the Coordinator in Colombia identified by the IPC, and with the Diaconal Committees in each of the three presbyteries
  • work with our partners to determine where and when accompaniers are most needed


3.  Seek opportunities to preach and teach regularly in churches both in the PC(USA) and the IPC, interpreting the situation in Colombia

  • stay informed about major social, political, and ecclesiastical events ongoing in Colombia
  • encourage a church-wide response to the human rights situation there


4.  Advise the Executive Director, the Director of Colombia Programs from the National Committee, and the National Committee of PPF on the changing situation in Colombia as well as ways in which PPF should respond


5.  Work with the Associate Director and Web Content Manager to coordinate online and print communication and keep up to date the accompaniment content on the PPF website and social media sites.


6.  Work with returned accompaniers and other U.S. advocates (mission network folks, Colombia Steering Committee, Louisville staff, etc.) to develop the strongest possible advocacy program at the direction of the IPC.


7.  Support the PPF organizationally by

  • Consult regularly by phone, email or in person with the Director of Colombia Programs of the PPF National Committee, and with the Executive Director
  • attend appropriate meetings (determined in consultation with the Executive Director and Director of Colombia Programs) of the National Committee of the PPF
  • represent the program at meetings and programs of World Missions of the PC(USA)


8.  Relate to as requested by the Associate Director and Development Committee of the National Committee of PPF to support fund development for the Accompaniment Program.