Vigil to Close SOA/WHINSEC

On November 19 - 21, thousands of people will converge on Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia to pressure Congress and the White House to close the "School of Americas" training facility.

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship will be there! Plan to join us for educational (and fun!) workshops and the deeply moving Sunday morning vigil. We have reserved a block of rooms, and are arranging transportation from the Atlanta airport for those arriving Friday morning and leaving Monday afternoon.

Plan to attend the Presbyterian Breakfast on Saturday, November 20, from 7 - 9 a.m. at the Holiday Inn North, where we will enjoy fellowship with Presbyterians from around the country. The cost is $10 for a full breakfast ($5 students), and reservations are required.

After the Sunday morning vigil, meet at the PPF information table to walk together to the gate for a brief prayer and communion service.

For more information about housing or transportation, or for breakfast reservations, contact Marilyn White at or 512-450-2766.