Colombia Accompaniment Program

We Need You!

Would you consider giving a month to accompany our Colombian sisters and brothers in the midst of violence?

Leaders in the Presbyterian Church of Colombia are taking great risks in their human rights work and their support of the communities of Colombians who have been displaced by the violence of the forty-year war in their country. They have asked us to act as international accompaniers in order to provide a measure of safety—international eyes—for their work.

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship is working with PC(USA) World Mission and the Presbyterian Church of Colombia to train and deploy short-term mission workers to Colombia. To date (since 2004) we have trained over 150 volunteers, over 100 whom have served.

Here's how it works:

  1. If you can give a minimum of a month as a short-term mission volunteer, you will begin by applying online with the PC(USA) at If you have questions about how to fulfill the requirements, please contact the Mission Service and Recruitment Office in Louisville.

  2. Simultaneously, you should be in touch with PPF ( to sign up for our next weekend training for volunteers. Download this simple Biographical Information Form (.doc) to send to

  3. We will ask you to be in prayerful discernment about whether this work is for you as you go through the application process and the training weekend. If you determine that it is, you will be matched with another Presbyterian Accompanier to go to Colombia.

“The job is to ‘be present,’ living in solidarity with our Colombian sisters and brothers. As North American witnesses, we have a special capacity to embarrass violators of human rights.”

Britt Johnston and Danna Larsen, Accompaniers 2006

Requirements for Presbyterian Accompaniers:

  • Mature faith and a strong commitment to the theory and practice of faith-based, principled nonviolence
  • Demonstration of backing from your faith community
  • Ability to raise funds from family, friends, and your church community to support yourself as a volunteer
  • Ability to speak Spanish is preferred but not required
  • 21 years of age and a valid U.S. passport

It's simple, really. This is a chance to live your faith in a way that will have concrete results in our ability to support our Colombian Presbyterian Brothers and Sisters. We can pretty much guarantee that your own faith will be transformed in the process.

Be in touch with Lora Burge ( if you have questions about this project.