Briefing Papers for GA222 Commissioners

PPF has published these brief documents that lift up key issues and analysis of overtures before the General Assembly that pertain to peacemaking and nonviolence. Please share these documents widely with commissioners and others at General Assembly. Commissioners and others can also follow #PPFGA on social media for updates.


Committee 2 Briefing Paper (Bills & Overtures)

Committee 3 Briefing Paper (General Assembly Procedures)

Committee 4 Briefing Paper (The Way Forward)

Committee 5 Briefing Paper (Mid Councils)

Committee 6 Briefing Paper (Church Polity & Ordered Ministry)

Committee 7 Briefing Paper (Ecumenical & Interfaith Relations)

Committee 8 Briefing Paper (Middle East Issues)

Committee 9 Briefing Paper (Immigration & Environmental Issues)

Committee 10 Briefing Paper (Mission Coordination)

Committee 11 Briefing Paper (Social Justice Issues)

Committee 12 Briefing Paper (Peacemaking & International Issues)

Committee 13 Briefing Paper (BOP, PILP, PPC & Foundation)

Committee 14 Briefing Paper (Theological Issues & Institutions)