PPF Gun Violence Prevention Curriculum/Resources

Help your congregation, group or organization explore issues of gun violence and what we can do about it. See the following individual resources or download the complete GVP Resource packet.  

See also: Case Study: One Congregation's Process of Studying Gun Violence 

Gun Violence 101

Goals & Objectives: To explore the issue of domestic gun violence, becoming more aware of it as a problem, and discerning how our faith community may be called to address it. Download (pdf)


Guns in U.S. Today

Goals & Objectives: To understand the evolving relationship of the American public to guns today. Download (pdf)


Illegal Sales

Goals & Objectives: To Explore the issue of illegal gun sales, specifically becoming familiar with the practice of “straw purchasing.” Download (pdf)



Goals & Objectives: To explore the issue of suicide, especially the relationship between guns and suicide. Download (pdf)


Supporting Those Who Grieve

Goals & Objectives: To explore how we can grieve together as a faith community by looking at the grief process and considering how to better support those around us who have experienced a loss. Download (pdf)


Theological Underpinnings

This resource provides an opportunity for a group to explore theological reasons for engaging in gun violence prevention. Download (pdf)


Worhsip Resources

This resource provides a liturgy, a hymn, and Scriptural references to enhance a worship service in which gun violence named as a problem with which we are in need of help. Download (pdf)


About the "Heeding God's Call" Movement

This resource helps a congregation better understand the hopes of and purposes of the Heeding God’s Call movement. It also provides information to equip congregations to begin the movement in their own home communities by providing a step-­?by-­?step guide for leading the initiative, as well as all of the papers necessary for approaching gun shops to covenant to only make legal sales. Download (pdf)


Download Complete GVP Resource packet