Israel/Palestine and the PC(USA)

Part of our work is to seek and encourage faithful policy regarding Israel/Palestine within the PC(USA). Below is the latest content that concerns how our Israel/Palestine work is expressed particularly within the PC(USA). You can also find many resources on the PC(USA) website.

Iran Bombing Threat: Creating a Mindset that Leads to War

by Chris Iosso, an editorial
from Unbound

Peace sign asking Who would Jesus bomb? (trick question)

The first thing one encoun­ters in dis­cussing the war drum­beat tar­get­ing Iran is the one-sidedness of the debate. Glenn Green­wald of Salon gives a quick sum­mary on this point, and James Wall, for­mer Chris­t­ian Cen­tury edi­tor, describes the same real­ity. This sug­gests that the talk of war with Iran, though help­fully called, “loose talk,” by Pres­i­dent Obama in his Sun­day, March 4, speech to the Amer­i­can Israeli Pub­lic Affairs Com­mit­tee (AIPAC), is actu­ally quite delib­er­ate and orches­trated talk designed to cre­ate a mind­set favor­ing war.

Registration for the Convocation of Peacemakers is Open!

Online Registration is now open for this year's Convocation of Peacemakers, April 26-29, 2012.

This year's event promises to be the best convocation yet. The event is a day longer than last year, giving us much-needed time to explore our work more deeply and organize our efforts.

Victor Makari Biography

Peaceseeker Award Recipient, 2011

Victor Makari

For 20 years the Rev. Dr. Victor Makari served the PC(USA) as an Area Coordinator with World Mission, relating at various times to partner churches in the Middle East and Asia Minor, Europe, and South and Southeast Asia.

On Responding to the Call from Palestinian Christians for Economic Solidarity

An Overture to the 220th General Assembly for Your Session to Consider

On Responding to the Call from Palestinian Christians for Economic Solidarity

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PC(USA) 2010 actions on Israel/ Palestine Issues

This summary of actions of the 219th General Assembly (2010) regarding Israel/Paelstine Issues is provided by the Israel Palestine Mission Network of the PC(USA).

Download the summary (pdf)