2017 Interfaith Delegation to Israel/Palestine

A landmark interfaith delegation to Israel/Palestine which the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship helped coordinate and sponsor with Jewish Voice for Peace and American Muslims for Palestine is currently on the ground in Israel/Palestine until August 4, 2017.

They have run into some challenges. Five members of the delegation were denied entry to Israel, not even permitted to board their check in their luggage for their Lufthansa flight from Dulles, Washington. Subsequently, ministers in the Israeli government confirmed that the reason for their exclusion was their vocal support for Palestinian human rights.  

We are proud of the courage and steadfast perseverance this interfaith delegation is showing in meeting with dozens of faith-based organizations, grassroots activists and human rights groups in Israel and the Palestinian territories. They are continuing this work with the intention to learn, witness and co-resist Israeli occupation, displacement and siege with Palestinian and Israeli partners on the ground. They deserve your support.

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