Libya: Another Day, Another War

This poem came through the PPF office today and we want to share it with you. Lord, hear our prayer.

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Another Day, Another War

Another Day, Another War
  and so it goes, day after day, year after year,
  all over this world.

To solve his problem , Cain killed Abel.
  so solve a problem, kill
  and the audience will clap.
  clap, clap, clap for killing.

There was a man who said, No killing.
  He was killed, of course,
  and the audience clapped loudly!
  He was killed,
  but not before he said,
  Love one another.
  In fact, he told the crowd a story
  about The Good Samaritan,
  an example of how to love.
  And he healed the daughter of a Canaanite woman,
     whom he called a woman of great faith.
  He talked to Greeks and Romans,
     men and women, wealthy and poor,
     and he called the children to him.
     In fact, he called the world
     to follow the example
     of the woman at the well
     who gave him a cup of cold water
     and called her town to come and hear.

   And yet, he was killed.
      Another day, another war,.....

    Is there no one to clap for Peace?
      to bring cups of cold water?
      to call others to come and hear?
      to join together in love?

      All those who believe,
      not in war, but in peace, stand,
      and join the thunderous clapping
      of the angels.
      No more killing!
      Clap for peace until this world says:
      Another day, Another Peace,

                               —Ann Weems
                                March 29, 2011