Four PPF members, including Executive Director, Rick Ufford-Chase, arrested outside White House opposing Colombia FTA

Rick Ufford-Chase is arrested in front of the White House, opposing the Colombia FTA.
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July 11, 2011, Washington D.C.—Today four members of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship—Rick Ufford-Chase (Executive Director), Rev. Sally Juarez, Kevin Moran, and Katie Rains—were arrested in front of the White House in a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration against the Colombia Free Trade Agreement. They were joined by many members of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship and many who came from across the country today to rally in Lafayette Park. Speakers from the labor, environmental, human rights and faith communities (including the Rev. Dr. J. Herbert Nelson, Coordinator of the Presbyterian Office of Public Witness) in the US and Colombia sent the message to President Obama that we are opposed to the pending Free Trade Agreement with Colombia that is projected to have disastrous affects on union workers, displaced persons, Afro-Colombians, indigenous people, farmers, and the environment.

In 2009 the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship led a delegation to Colombia to meet and evaluate our Accompaniment Program. At that meeting the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia asked for us to increase our accompaniment in the United States by engaging in advocacy and speaking truth to power in the United States about foreign policies that impact Colombians. The action outside of the White House is part of our long-term commitment this spring to lead the opposition to the Free Trade Agreement alongside our partners in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and DC-based partner organizations.

Please take action now to stop the Colombia FTA. Join the national outreach to your legislators and the White House to tell Congress and President Obama about your opposition to the FTA.