Another Son is Killed (A Hymn for Peace)

The following hymn is dedicated to the memory of Shaul Lahav, grandson of Paul and Helen Loeb (members of the church where we were then pastors), who was killed while serving in the Israel Defense Forces by a Palestinian on November 18, 2003 on the road between Bethlehem and Jerusalem.  See Carolyn Gillette's hymn note for more on this tragic story that inspired this hymn of lament.


Another Son is Killed (A Hymn for Peace)


LEONI (“The God of Abraham Praise”)  (MIDI)


Another son is killed, another daughter dies,

And loving, waiting homes are filled with loved ones’ cries.

As rivers never sleep, so wars flow on and on.

Hang up your harps, sit down and weep for those now gone!



We grieve for children lost, for hearts too sad to pray;

We mourn, O Lord, the growing cost of hatred’s way.

And sure as threats increase and anger turns to war,

We pray that we may find a peace worth struggling for.



We know your way, O Lord, for all your people here:

A plowshare from a fighting sword, a transformed spear!

Now comfort those who grieve, be in each saddened home,

And by your grace may we believe-- and seek Shalom.



Psalm 137:1-2 and Isaiah 2:4

Tune:  Hebrew melody adaptation by Thomas Olivers and Meyer Lyon, 1770.

Text:  © 2003 Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.  All rights reserved. 
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Copied from Songs of Grace: New Hymns for God and Neighbor by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette (Upper Room Books).