Guide to Creating an “Offering of Letters” Service

It can be difficult to introduce an issue of social concern in any one congregation, but in any given presbytery or community, there are people who support sensible gun reform. What if these people got together for worship, education, and an offering of their time and voices? 

We propose that interested clergy and laity hold a service writing and offering letters to their congressional representatives within the service itself. The worship could be preceded by a brief educational presentation and followed by an opportunity to commit to further study and action. PPF hopes you will consider using this model, taking a cue from Bread for the World’s annual “Offering of Letters” services, as a way of engaging your community of faith around this important and timely issue. Here we present a PDF of our guidewith options for moving forward, a worship outline, a sample letter, and educational resources. Click on the file download below (updated November 2, 2017).

"So grateful to PPF for your curriculum on gun violence. A small group of Presbys and Catholics here used it as the basis for a series of conversations. Thank you!"

- James Lees Memorial Presbyterian Church