Hymn: O God, Our Hearts Were Shattered

The following hymn was written for the Tenth Anniversary of September 11th by Carolyn Gillette.


O God, Our Hearts Were Shattered  
LLANGLOFFAN D  (“O God of Earth and Altar”)


O God, our hearts were shattered on that horrendous day;

We heard the news and gathered to grieve and then to pray.

We cried to you and wondered,  “Where did the violence start?”

The world as we had known it had just been torn apart.



We heard of those who perished— of heroes’ sacrifice.

We paused again to cherish the gifts of love and life.

We worried for the future; we hugged our loved ones then.

We cried, “Can peace be found here?” “We can’t let terror win!”


Some sought to answer terror the only way they knew—

With anger toward the stranger and calls for vengeance, too.

Yet this is not your answer, nor what you would create.

May we live toward a future where love will conquer hate.



God, give us faith and wisdom to be your healing hands;

Give open minds that listen to truth from all your lands.

Give strength to work for justice; grant love that casts out fear.

Then peace and not destruction will be the victor here.


Tune:  Welsh Folk Melody, Evans’ Hymnau a Thonau, 1865 as in English Hymnal, 1906.    (MIDI)
Alternative Tune:  PASSION CHORALE D Hans Leo Hassler, 1601, Harm. Johann Sebastian Bach, 1729

Text: Copyright © 2011 by Carolyn Winfrey Gillette.  All rights reserved. 

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