Liturgical Resources for Fasting: June 5-12, 2011

Prayers and other liturgical resources designed specifically for fasting to stop the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

Click here to download "Liturgical Resources for Fasting" (.doc)


Ideas for Using Liturgical Resources:

  • Ask to be commissioned in worship on Sunday June 5th for your week of fasting
  • Share some of these prayers with any groups that you are a part of during the week (Bible Study, Presbyterian Women circles, other groups)
  • Send these prayers to your personal group of friends who are accompanying you with their prayers during your week of fasting. They could ask their church community to use some of these to support you in your prayer, they can as well.
  • Ask to be put on your congregation’s prayer list for the week along with the other fasters in the US/Colombia during the week of fasting. (Example from one congregation’s prayer list for next week: Prayers of solidarity for those in the Presbyterian Church (USA) and Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia who are fasting for the next seven days for fair trade and an end to violence. Pastor Shannan and Juan Ocampo are joining this fast.)
  • Ask to be on the prayer lists (along with those in Colombia/US who are fasting of your friends and their communities, even your governing body (Presbytery, etc.)
  • Use one of these prayers to open or close the evening time in your home/community each night as you break your fast as grace around the table.
  • Of course, any other ideas you have will also be wonderful….! And share them with us; we’ll put them up during the week!