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Colombia Accompaniment on Delicious

A list of online resources related to the Colombia Accompaniment Program

Preaching Peace

Preaching Peace is a website offering a peace-focused commentary on lectionary texts, including bible studies, sermons, and blogs.

Prayers for Colombia

Prayers for Colombia were composed by our colleagues Milton Mejia and Adelaida Jiménez, of the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia.

Church & Society: Trusting the Nonviolence of Jesus Christ Today

The Nov/Dec 2005 Issue of Church & Society Magazine was devoted to examining nonviolence from diverse Presbyterian perspectives. Several PPF members contributed.

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National Cathedral Interview with John Lewis

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John Lewis discusses faith and civil rights with Dean Lloyd, as part of a week of Cathedral events devoted to racial reconciliation.

Colombia Booklet

"Colombia" is a 15-page pamphlet describing the courageous response of Colombian Presbyterians to violence.

Seven Last Words Meditations

Meditations on the "Seven Last Words of Christ," written by members of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship.

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Interview With Mauricio Avilés

November 1, 2005
Hello. My name is Mauricio Avilés. I want to give a very special greeting to the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship, and to all the brothers and sisters of the Presbyterian Church in the United States.

They've asked me to speak a little bit about my story, my experience and all that I've endured as a defender of human rights and the calling I have received to be there for the most needy people.