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Buenaventura, Colombia: Where Free Trade Meets Mass Graves

by Kelly Nicholls and Gimena Sánchez-Garzoli
from NACLA Report

In April, President Obama and Juan Manuel Santos, the president of Colombia, reinitiated discussions on establishing a free trade agreement. The United States–Colombia Trade Promotion Agreement (CTPA), as it is officially called, was signed in November 2006 but has been on hold in the U.S. Congress because of grave concerns about Colombia’s labor and human rights record, the worst in the Western Hemisphere. If the agreement is implemented by the end of the year, as officials in both countries are hoping, the city of Buenaventura will be one of the most directly affected places in Colombia.

A Prophet Has a Lonely Task

WAREHAM LM (“The Church of Christ in Every Age”)

A prophet has a lonely task—
To help the world to see anew,
To name injustice, then to ask
What God is calling us to do.

Liturgical Resources for Fasting: June 5-12, 2011

Prayers and other liturgical resources designed specifically for fasting to stop the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement.

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Understanding White Privilege

Handout from Undoing Racism Workshop at the 2011 Convocation of Peacemakers (facilitated by Sylvia Morrison of Christian Peacemaker Teams).

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by Frances E. Kendall, Ph.D.;