Conscientious Objection

Christian Peace Witness: Conscience in War Project

from Christian Peace Witness

Christian Peace Witness is committed to making "Conscience in War" the major theme for our work in 2011. We seek to foster a serious nationwide discussion on following Jesus in matters of conscience and duty, violence and nonviolence, war and peace.

To accomplish this vision, we will partner with Christian and multifaith peace fellowships and other organizations to host local and regional programs with the following goals:

Civilian Public Service Picnic / Internat'l Conscientious Objector Day

Civilian Public Service
Celebratory Picnic and Website Launch

May 15, 2011
70th anniversary of the first camp opening at Patapsco State Park, MD

Picnic: Relay Town Hall, 1:00-3:30 p.m.
1710 Arlington Ave., Relay, MD
(Halethorpe post office)

For detailed directions, see:

Midshipman, Then Pacifist: Rare Victory to Leave Navy

From the New York Times

The question that changed Michael Izbicki’s life appeared on a psychological exam he took not long after graduating in 2008 near the top of his class at the United States Naval Academy: If given the order, would he launch a missile carrying a nuclear warhead?

Congress on Urban Ministry: Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence

The 2011 Congress will EQUIP you to:

  • FIGHT the systems that create poverty
  • CONFRONT violence with the GOSPEL

Ecumenical Advocacy Days

Training Day: March 25th. Special training for Presbyterians:
Compassion Peace and Justice: Church Models that Work

Location: New York Avenue Presbyterian Church, Washington, DC

Honor the Consciences of Our Veterans

Truth Commission on Conscience in War Releases Groundbreaking Report

The Truth Commission on Conscience in War, a national coalition of over 60 religious, veterans, academic, and advocacy groups, recently released a groundbreaking report on the need for greater religious freedom and protection of moral conscience in the military.

Hear testimony of veterans and download the full report at

War and Conscience: Expanding the Definition of Conscientious Objection

By James Dao
from the New York Times

Since Vietnam, the military’s rules governing conscientious objector status have effectively required service members to declare themselves pacifists in order to qualify. Conscientious objection, as defined by military regulation (pdf) is “a firm, fixed, and sincere objection to participation in war in any form or the bearing of arms.”

Camilo Mejia Speaks at Peace Breakfast

Camilo Mejía, President of Iraq Veterans Against the War, was the keynote speaker at the 2010 Peace Breakfast held at General Assembly on July 7, 2010.

Listen to Camilo's address:

The Peace Breakfast at GA

Peaceseeker Award recipients Bill Galvin and Mel Duncan

by Jan Orr-Harter

Last night, some 15 of us gathered in the hotel for cookies and milk and to collate the packets for our breakfast guests. Each received Tom Driver's sermon, "Accompaniment: The Great Theme of the Bible," as well as several brochures on aspects of our work, a sign-up slip and a bookmark from the Endowment Campaign.

Today we held our PPF Peace Breakfast at the Hilton hotel in a full room with a strong and well-planned experience of our work and concerns—a tour de PPF.