Join the Witness!

The Christian Peace Witness for Iraq is happening in Washington, D.C. April 29th!

On the 100th day of the new administration, join us in the nation’s capital for witness and worship and nonviolent action to call on the new president and Congress to end the war and occupation in Iraq, support a comprehensive peace process, end the policy and practice of torture and meet human needs at home.

There are ways to be involved whether or not you can be with us in Washington. Please visit and join your voice to the witness!

PPF's GA Summary

PC(USA) takes strong action for peace.

As divisions around issues of sexuality continue to dominate conversations in the wake of the 218th General Assembly of the PC(USA), our church has demonstrated remarkable unity in its collective call to peacemaking. In fact, on many issues there was such consensus among commissioners that little or no discussion was offered in plenary sessions. We want to highlight the many ways our denomination adopted policies that will strengthen its larger witness for peacemaking in our broken world.

No More Torture: Defending against Global Risk

A Lecture/Discussion featuring

Brig. Gen. Stephen Xenakis (U.S.A. Ret.)

Leading Military Critic of US Torture Policy