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Thousands Mobilize During Summit of the Americas to Send Message to Obama: Stop Funding War and End Displacement in Colombia

This weekend, tens of thousands of people in the United States and Colombia, representing a large coalition of churches, university groups, and human rights organizations, are rallying around a simple message:

Everyone deserves a place to call home.

Update from Christian Peacemaker Teams

by Terra Winston

I had the wonderful privilege of representing the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship in two very important meetings of the Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) in Cali, Colombia. The first meeting was for the Race Relations Council. At the heart of CPT is a real commitment to undoing oppression of all sorts including racial oppression. In order to do this work in a sincere way, CPT realizes that real work and focus needs to be part of their commitment. Along with anti-racism and anti-oppression trainings, they also bring people together to look at every aspect of the organization and how it is functioning to do the work of anti-oppression.

Peace Church Beta: What if we left Just War theory behind?

As the Pres­by­ter­ian Church (U.S.A.) begins a process of dis­cern­ment on whether to embrace non­vi­o­lence offi­cially, the Pres­by­ter­ian Peace Fel­low­ship con­venes peace­mak­ers from across the church.

by Matthew Black
from Unbound

We Pres­by­te­ri­ans know all about mir­a­cles— they hap­pen in committees.

Colombia Organizing Conference Call

As always, there is a lot going on with Colombia-related work in PPF. We would like to have a conference call meeting prior to the Convocation for those who are interested in being part of the team that works on Colombia issues that PPF is involved in. There is a great need right now with our increased work on Colombia to share the work and fun of all we do on Colombia in PPF, and so this call will be the first to get more organized in this regard on the following topics:

Peace Train

Colombian Pastor’s Non-Violent Conflict Resolution Program Goes Global

Days of Prayer and Action for Colombia

2012 Theme: A Place to Call Home: Hand in Hand for Peace in Colombia

Think about the home you live in right now.  Think about what is special to you about your home…where your favorite place to sit is, the memories and joys attached to that place.  Now imagine losing your home, and maybe even some of your beloved family members too.  This is just a small taste of what happens every day in Colombia to people just like you and me who are losing their homes at the hands of armed groups in a decades-long unchecked civil conflict.   Colombia it at the very top of the world statistics for people losing their homes.  They are called IDPs or Internally Displaced Persons.  There are over 5 million of these people: men, women, and children—in Colombia.   Our church partners in Colombia offer ministry for, and in many cases are these people.  And they have called upon us to walk beside them in their ministry.

A Peaceful Refuge

After-school programs at Colombian Presbyterian churches provide safe places for children

by Bethany Furkin
from Presbyterian News Service

In this Lenten season, one Presbyterian congregation in Colombia will be thinking about more than fasting.