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Pray weekly with and for Colombia

Join our sisters and brothers in Colombia in weekly prayers for peace.

Action Alert: Colombia Military Bases, or South American Peace?

Tell Secretary Clinton you don't want military bases in Colombia!

The plan to increase the U.S. military's presence on Colombian bases is the wrong plan, and it is provoking intense opposition in Colombia and the rest of South America. The plan would prolong the failed drug war, expand the war within Colombia that has caused such suffering, destabilize already tense regional relations, create incentives for an arms race, and violate Colombian sovereignty through immunity for U.S. soldiers' crimes. It would also violate the Colombian constitution, which prohibits the presence of foreign soldiers except in transit (and even then only if approved by the Colombian senate).

A Mission of Presence in Colombia

The Church Providing Shelter in the Midst of Violence

This article by Adelaida Jiménez-Cortes was recently featured in Horizons magazine.

A Mission of Presence in Colombia (pdf)

Ten Ways to Understand the Colombia Conflict

The following is taken from the periodical Cambio.

Ten Ways to Understand the Conflict Today

1. Paramilitary rearmament is associated with the fragmentation of
drug cartels and the intent to ensure continued dispossession of
lands in areas where the AUC (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia)
had political and institutional control. In other regions this
rearmament seeks to repeat the model which associates violence with
ownership, use, and enjoyment of the land.

New Wave of Threats Sweeps Across Colombia

The following story comes from the Latin America Working Group. Please consider taking action through the advocacy suggestions within:

Another wave of threats has once again swept across Colombia, this time warning of an imminent “social cleansing” of “undesirable” individuals from Colombian society. Colombian churches and others are reporting that the violence unleashed by these alleged paramilitary threats has already left three young people and seven fishermen dead in Chocó.

Colombia Accompaniment on Delicious

A list of online resources related to the Colombia Accompaniment Program

Prayers for Colombia

Prayers for Colombia were composed by our colleagues Milton Mejia and Adelaida Jiménez, of the Iglesia Presbiteriana de Colombia.

Colombia Booklet

"Colombia" is a 15-page pamphlet describing the courageous response of Colombian Presbyterians to violence.