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Colombia Accompaniment Training

Stony Point Center

Please consider joining us for a weekend of discernment, orientation and preparation to serve with the PPF as a volunteer accompanier in Colombia.

If you’d like more information about this event, please contact

U.N. says Colombian military executing civilians

Story Highlights:
  • U.N.: Executions of innocent civilians "systematic and widespread"
  • U.S.-backed Colombian forces killing civilians in counterinsurgency campaign
  • Top U.N. human rights officer: Killings could constitute a "crime against humanity"
  • President fired 25 army members after executions of at least 11 young men

BOGOTA, Colombia (CNN) -- Colombia's U.S.-backed security forces are engaging in "systematic and widespread" extrajudicial executions of innocent civilians as part of their counterinsurgency campaign, a top United Nations diplomat said Saturday.

Indigenous Colombians Begin 10,000-Strong March Against Uribe Government

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"More than 10,000 indigenous Colombians have begun a protest march against President Alvaro Uribe. Marchers are protesting the militarization of their territories, the US-Colombia Free Trade Agreement, and the failure of Uribe’s administration to fulfill various accords with the indigenous communities. We speak to Rafael Coicué, an indigenous leader who lost sight in his left eye when he was assaulted by masked gunmen in his home, and Mario Murillo, a US journalist and professor currently in Colombia."

The Power of Being Present

Blog post by Alexandra Buck about her recent visit to Colombia.

Read full post at the blog of the National Network of Presbyterian College Women:

Head of Colombian Presbyterian Church visits U.S.

Rev. Diego Higuita, Executive Secretary of the Presbyterian Church of
Colombia, will be in the U.S. preaching and giving presentations
about the effects of the violence suffered by the rural communities
with whom he has primarily worked. Don't miss this opportunity to hear from our partners in Colombia first hand!

Rev. Higuita will be visiting several presbyteries throughout the United States. Please see the following schedule and contact the presbyteries directly or visit their websites for details.

PPF's GA Summary

PC(USA) takes strong action for peace.

As divisions around issues of sexuality continue to dominate conversations in the wake of the 218th General Assembly of the PC(USA), our church has demonstrated remarkable unity in its collective call to peacemaking. In fact, on many issues there was such consensus among commissioners that little or no discussion was offered in plenary sessions. We want to highlight the many ways our denomination adopted policies that will strengthen its larger witness for peacemaking in our broken world.

GA passes several strong actions for peace

The 218th General Assembly of the PC(USA) has taken action on several recommendations from the committee on Peacemaking and International Issues, concerning the Philippines, Colombia, Conscientious Objectors, and Israel/Palestine:

Analysis: Colombia Overtures


Click Here to download PPF's complete analysis of peace-related overtures.