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Live Video Streaming from International Ecumenical Peace Convention

The World Council of Churches (WCC) will be web streaming the plenary sessions and special events of the upcoming International Ecumenical Peace Convocation (IEPC). The video streams will be live from the Mona campus of the University of West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica, where the convocation is being held, beginning Wednesday 18 May.


Video & More from Convocation of Peacemakers 2011

Americans Remember the Loved Ones They've Lost to Gun Violence

The Hidden Life of Guns

A powerful three-day spread beginning a series on straw purchasing and all of the economic and political interests that fuel this immoral death-dealing practice. It is some of the most brilliant and courageous investigative reporting since Woodward & Bernstein. There are several articles and videos and interactive information sites on how guns move from gun stores into the illegal market, oftentimes very quickly, in Maryland and Virginia.

Congress on Urban Ministry: Peacemaking in a Culture of Violence

The 2011 Congress will EQUIP you to:

  • FIGHT the systems that create poverty
  • CONFRONT violence with the GOSPEL

Working To Prevent Gun Violence

by Rick Ufford-Chase


The shooting in Tucson hit me very hard. I, like most of my friends in Tucson, supported Gabrielle Giffords when she ran for Congress. I know her to be a thoughtful, careful and courageous Congresswoman in a district that has been ripped apart by the politics of polarization. The stories of those who were injured and killed and their families felt very close and were heartbreaking to me.

Gun Violence, Gospel Values: Mobilizing in Response to God’s Call

The complete final text approved unanimously by the 219th General Assembly, 2010: (pdf)


Also available: working version & vote details from GA:

Tucson Rampage Shows Danger to Society of Volatile Combination of Extremism with Guns

Ceasefire NJ Calls on Faith Community to Step Up To Combat Dangerous Mix of Political Extremism, Guns and the Gun Lobby