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Briefing Document on GA Overtures now available

PPF has compiled an analysis of peace related overtures before this year's General Assembly.

Click here to download the Briefing Document

Convocation of Peacemakers Video

A great video of a great event!

Thank you to Andrew Patterson for his wonderful videography work!

Host an International Peacemaker

Encourage your presbytery to host an International Peacemaker this fall.

International Peacemakers are individuals from our partner churches who are engaged in peacemaking ministries. The Presbyterian Peacemaking Program arranges for them to visit the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to share about their work seeking justice and pursuing peace in the name of Jesus Christ.

Collatoral Murder? A soldier speaks out

The sensational video "Collatoral Murder" has been circulating widely online, showing U.S. troops in Iraq firing on civilians. Josh Stieber was a member of Bravo Company 2-16 and remembers the incident portrayed in the video.

If you call this a heartless murder, I think that you’re being overly self-righteous. If you question the very nature of the machines that we trap ourselves in and our goals for doing so, then we can learn something from this video.

Consultation and Encounter: the Presbyterians of Iraq, Syria and Lebanon

You are invited to travel on a mission trip to Lebanon and Syria this fall to meet fellow-Presbyterians from Iraq, Syria and Lebanon. This venture is organized through the Iraq Partnership Network and the Syria-Lebanon Network of the PC(USA) and is sponsored and facilitated by The Outreach Foundation. The church governing bodies in the region, namely the Assembly of Presbyterian Churches in Iraq and the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon have worked closely with the networks to finalize and bless these plans.

Presbyterian response to comments about Middle East Study Team report

The Stated Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.), has issued a statement in response to published comments about the Middle East Study Team report that will be considered at the 219th General Assembly (2010) when it meets this summer.

Overtures to General Assembly

Four Presbyteries have overtured the General Assembly to take a strong stance against the war in Afghanistan. (Click here to view the overtures).

National Capital Presbytery has also proposed a bold overture calling the denomination into a time of discernment to consider whether God is calling the church "to embrace nonviolence as our fundamental response to war and terror."

For these and more on PPF at the 219th General Assembly (2010), Click Here.

Riding the bus as social commentary

Beth Pyles is a Presbyterian Pastor who serves with Christian Peacemaker Teams in Iraq.

Riding the bus the other day, I was struck by how different worldviews play out in the smallest, as well as largest ways (you decide which is which). In the U.S., you enter the bus from the front, bringing you face to face with the driver and your obligation to pay the fare - maybe there's a machine you drop your coins into; maybe the driver takes your money himself; maybe there's a ticket you've already bought . . . but however it works, the very first thing you do is pay your money. No money, no entrance.

Now don't misunderstand - in Iraq, you must pay as well. But how the transaction takes place is instructive: