Philippines Accompaniment? - Philippines Open House Mon, June 23

Visit Booth #301, 10am-12pm

Explore the Creation of a Philippines Accompaniment Program with Commissioner Richard Williams, leader of the Presbyterian Peace Fellowship Exploratory Delegation to the Philippines, 2008.

Philippine Government should be held accountable on human rights record, U.N. Body is told.

Philippine human rights activists reiterated their call on the UN Human Rights Council to "keep pursuing our government to stop the extrajudicial killings and other human rights violations". The UN body is meeting in Geneva 2-18 June.

U.N. Rapporteur Alston stands by his findings on Philippine Killings

Philippine NGO delegation aghast at the open-faced arrogance of the Philippine government at the 8th Session of the UN Human Rights Council

Religious groups back human rights in Philippines

Torture, killings haven’t slowed since 2006 GA resolution

Support Human Rights in the Philippines

By Catherine Gordon
From the Washington Report to Presbyterians

Presbyterian delegation returns from the Philippines

Group expresses solidarity with embattled UCCP

by Roger Scott Powers