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Rev. Dr. Laurie Lyter Bright

Laurie is an author, organizer, and Presbyterian (USA) pastor in Wisconsin, where she serves as Associate Pastor at First Presbyterian Church, Neenah. She brings a background in international justice work, with professional work taking her to the UK, India,
Palestine, Israel, and across the US. She’s a perpetual student, mom of two small and wild children, wife to Jesse, and an amateur farmer with more enthusiasm than skill.  

Her flock expands to 11 chickens, two goats (Laverne and Shirley), and a dog (Angus MacDonald, Boy Detective), with a promise to only add one new species per year.  Laurie’s writing has been published in curricula, academic journals, and books, and her dissertation (“The Body and the Word: The Intersection of Religion and Rape Culture”) was completed in 2021 for her PhD in education from Colorado State University.  She collects books, stamps in her passport, and friends she meets on airplanes and in other countries.

Contact Laurie at laurie@presbypeacefellowship.org.  



CHRISTA GALVIN (she/her)photo of Christa Galvin | Presbyterian Peace Fellowship

Christa is a life long advocate for social justice and peace. She graduated from Marshall University in Huntington, WV with a degree in sociology. Christa completed her senior thesis on the local food movement in a community with very little access to healthy, local food and helped open the first local food hub in the area. Most recently, Christa worked at a non-profit in Camden, NJ called the Neighborhood Center, an organization dedicated to providing a safe and educational space for children of all ages in a city plagued by violence and poverty.

Christa lives in Swedesboro, NJ with her husband, Lou, and their four children. In her free time, Christa enjoys riding roller coasters and traveling to classic amusement parks.

Contact Christa at christa@presbypeacefellowship.org.



Dezi brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the PPF team. Holding an MDiv from Union Theological Seminary and a BA in Religion and Sociology from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, Dezi’s academic journey laid the foundation for a rich background in movement and organizing work. With a strong emphasis on restorative and transformative justice, Dezi has contributed their skills and insights to notable organizations such as the Midwest Access Coalition and the Transformative Justice Law Project of Illinois.

Adding to their diverse skill set, Dezi is a talented visual artist and storyteller. Their ability to convey complex ideas through creative mediums adds a unique dimension to the communication strategies they bring to PPF. Known for infusing their work with a deep sense of joy, Dezi is eager to contribute to the meaningful work of PPF.

For inquiries or to connect with Dezi, feel free to reach out at dezi@presbypeacefellowship.org.


Whitney Palmer, Treasurer
Geoff Browning, Member-At-Large
Annica Gage, Member-At-Large
Margery Rossi, Member-At-Large
Betsy Simpson, Member-At-Large
Marilyn White, Member-At-Large
Christine Caton, Member-At-Large
Bill Galvin, Member-At-Large
Brian Merritt, Member-At-Large