The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship works collaboratively with many different ecumenical and interfaith groups, but there are several in particular that are strong partners.

Presbyterian Peacemaking Program (PPP): logo for Presbyterian Peacemaking Program

This program of the Presbyterian Church (USA) was started in 1980. It is tasked with helping Presbyterian Congregations to live out our calling as peacemakers. The primary difference between the Peacemaking Program and the Peace Fellowship is that the PPP is funded through denomination, and its priorities are determined by policy of the General Assembly, while PPF is funded independently and is free to try to lead the broader church into bold action for peace and nonviolence. Our work is complementary, and we often collaborate on joint projects. The Peace Fellowship encourages you to use the amazing resources of the PPP in your own congregation.

logo for Christian Peacemaker TeamsChristian Peacemaker Teams (CPT):

When the PPF started learning about nonviolent direct action and violence reduction work in the late 1990’s, CPT was the place we turned for support. In many ways, we owe our work with the Colombia Accompaniment project to all that we have learned in partnership with CPT over the last ten years. We continue to support CPT in its work in Palestine and Israel, Iraq, Colombia, and the U.S./Mexico border. We hope you will support them too.

Israel/Palestine and Colombia Networks of the PC(USA):logo for PCUSA

Over the last fifteen years, Mission Networks have sprung up in the PC(USA) as a way to coordinate mission efforts in nearly thirty countries around the world. The Israel/Palestine and Colombia Networks are particularly strong, and the PPF works closely with them as we seek to raise awareness in Presbyterian Churches in the U.S. about how Christians can take real action to respond to violence in those two turbulent regions in the world.

Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR): logo for Fellowship of Reconciliation

The Presbyterian Peace Fellowship has a long history of partnership with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, and we have kept a small office there for many, many years. Even as we have moved our office ten miles down the road to Stony Point Center, we’re pleased to be deepening our commitment to working with FOR to build a strong, grass-roots, interfaith coalition for Peace and Justice.

Stony Point Center:logo for Stony Point | an open space

“Stony Point Center, modeling the love of Jesus, welcomes people of all faiths and nations to discern, discover, learn and lead. Together, bold dreamers experience the movement of God’s Spirit to create pathways to peace, nonviolence and justice.” PPF’s offices are located on Stony Point Center’s campus, and we have several staff who work for both PPF and Stony Point Center.